How to select a mobile application development company?

Multiple IT companies these days are claiming to be the most preferred mobile app development company; however, before selecting any company to outsource your development project, you need to understand the working strategy of that particular enterprise. If the company follows a time-efficient and straightforward methodology, you will get a well-developed and flawless customized app that meets all the expectations.

Every company that develops mobile apps for clients as well as for end users should follow a certain workflow before they start developing the required application. An ideal workflow could be:

  • Analyzing the user requirement
  • Understanding the target market
  • Deciding the correct platform
  • Designing the app environment
  • Designing the theme
  • Developing the images to be used
  • Drawing and designing the characters, if required
  • Designing the opening (splash) screen, menu tabs and other links
  • Deploying optimization tools
  • Testing for user acceptance
  • Fixing the bugs and other issues, if any
  • Application Handover

Any IT company that develops mobile applications should have an uncomplicated roadmap that provides clarity to your project and save time & cost.



Benefit And Drawback Of Cross Platform Development

Mobile application development companies commonly face difficulties in compelling a design, develop and implementation that appeals both Android and iOS users. Of course, developers meet their requirement with the help of cross-platform development frameworks that is highly compatibility. One need to keep in minds the profit and loss of these tools. Few of the common frameworks are Adobe’s PhoneGap and Appcelerator’s Titanium that provides descent cross-platform for application development for both worlds.  Here are few of the consideration that clearly explains you its advantageous and disadvantages in the gadget world.

Advantage of cross platforms

Easier access for plugins: The technologies of cross platform development offer easy access for plugins that includes offering of common links to alike APIs and centralizing set of codes that automatically modifies interface with devices.

Development involves less investment and less time: It may sound awkward, when it comes to the usability of cross-platform development. With the help of cross-platform the projects gets finished at a faster rate and requires lesser time for it completion. The codes generated with the use of technologies can be used during the initial level of any projects.

Easier development of the code: Developers easily make use of cross-platform application development frameworks such as HTML, CSS, and JAVA script that initiates the basic structure in majority of web cross-platform mobile apps.

Disadvantage of cross platform:

Inefficient coding facility: Since, developer cannot work on the native language of each and every platform. The efficiency of final coding gets determined by the efficiency of translating engines that translates final code to bloated code and inefficient coding techniques.

Slower codes are inversely proportional to the rendering time: Mobile apps are integrated with the basic concept of cross-platform development that is slower than the regular ones. The code requires long time in development of an app as it possesses the ability to churn out the platform.