Hire Mobile Application Developers

Native, Hybrid or HTML5: Decide as per client’s requirement

Mobile applications are ruling the world of software development as the demand for smartphone and tablet apps are sky high. In a recent survey of the American market, it was stated that almost every American owns a smartphone while ever third American is having a tablet computer at their disposal. To run their devices efficiently, compatible application are being demanded and to meet the demand with sufficient supply, mobile application development companies are hiring dedicated mobile application developers. However, before planning any blueprint for development, you should consult and understand the exact requirement of the client.

Latest trend in mobile app development industry is to create an engaging mobile app that could connect the user with their customers’ data. For developing such an app, you need to leverage the same tools, frameworks and APIs that you use while creating apps for other devices. You can create a native app, a hybrid app or an HTML5 app but as discussed earlier, this decision depends upon the requirement of the client.


Native Mobile Application Development

Native apps should be planned when the client wants a platform specific app; for instance an iOS app or an Android App. In such a case, you should plan the development procedure with those tools and language that the respective platform supports like Xcode and Objective-C with iOS while Eclipse and Java with Android.

HTML5 Mobile Application Development

HTML5 apps are useful when clients want to have standard web technologies like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. These technologies are easy to adopt as their code once written could be used for some other purposes as well with few customization. Thus, it is beneficial to program with these languages when the client needs a cross-platform mobile application that works on multiple devices.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development

When clients demand product with feature of native as well as web application, developers should opt for hybrid approach of mobile application development. It works as if an HTML5 app is inside a thin native container, thus combining the best elements of both native and HTML5 apps, just like the client demanded.

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