iPhone Business Application Development for Internal Communication

iPhone is a preferred as a multi-utility device thanks to the diverse applications and features. Along with the great looks and sleek body, the iPhone also has great features to support internal communications of the company. There are numerous communication applications available on the internet; however, none of these can offer the level of security that is required for sensitive official communications. Further, the application will not be exclusive to company employees since anyone can access them and on the same contact list, the employee will have personal as well as professional contacts.

Among the most useful iPhone business applications, an app to support internal communications should be a must-have. Some of the features the application can have to enhance productivity are –

  • Audio-Video Calling: Cost cutting on the mounting phone bill can be done by integrating audio-video calling option. Co-workers can call each other right from the application for just audio conversation or even a face-to-face video chat. If the company has branches based outside the country as well, or if some team members are on the field or travelling, then co-workers can communicate with each other at a much lower cost.
  • File Sharing: Easy file sharing options are highly requisite for any chat applications, and are available on most popular chat applications on App Store. An additional capability that can be added would be screen sharing ability that can be used to view common data such as spread sheets or graphs. Limits can be set on the size of data that can be transferred.
  • Chat Application: A simple chat feature will have to be integrated for instant messaging. IMs have become indispensable communication tools in the corporate set up as many workers prefer to share ideas or communicate matters over IMs rather than call or send emails.
  • Other Features: There is no limit to how many features can be loaded onto a single enterprise application that will come handy while communicating via the device. The application can have email feature, to mail the conversation to any of the contacts.

Since the application being developed is for internal communication purpose, it may be integrated with the company’s desktop software as well with the app being created as a mobile version.


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