4 Features of an iPhone Chat Application for Enterprises

iPhone is one of the leading smartphones in the USA and is highly preferred by the working population for its sound architecture and the number of utility applications that can ease business processes. In fact, iPhone has changed the way people communicate with one another in the social as well as corporate platform. Chat application is highly essential for medium and large enterprises with diverse operations and offices located in different Geo-locations. The iPhone application developer  will design the application by blending the business needs with iPhone’s environment. We discuss 4 features of an iPhone chat application for enterprises –

#1 Instant Communication Features

Instant communication has taken over the now traditional email communication. Instant communication will encompass instant messaging, voice and video conferences as well as audio messaging. Face Time on iPhone is a great application for video conferencing; however, it requires the person with whom you want to communicate to also have Face Time, which isn’t available on any other platforms. Having these features on the company’s platform will eliminate this problem and the employee can also bifurcate between professional and personal contacts.

#2 File Sharing

This is a must have feature for any chat application and is present in all the popular chat applications currently. File sharing is much needed for an enterprise chat application since it facilitates instant sharing of data. Easy sharing widgets may be added for sharing documents, presentations, Excel sheets and any other audio and/or video files. This will facilitate instant disbursement of information and enhance the speed of decision making.

#3 Emailing

The enterprise chat application may be connected with the emailing application to send emails directly to the application contact. Further, there must be option for emailing the chat history for personal as well as enterprise records. The connected email capacity may be yet another iPhone utility application development that can have a two way connect.

#4 Device Portability

Even if the chat application has been developed for the iPhone device, a web application and desktop application version may also be created so that the employee can communicate with contacts from the chat on all the devices they use for work. Further, there must be chat history availability on all the platforms so that the employee can access and continue the chat from one device to another.

iPhone Application Development requires special knowledge of the Apple application development process since the application must match the device architecture and interface. A chat application for iPhone will keep the enterprise members connected internally as well as externally and facilitate collaborations and business growth.

iPhone Utility Application Development


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