The Power of Cross Platform Apps

Mobile device users can be great loyalists to specific platforms, but over the years we have learnt that any great device or operating system can be toppled as we witnessed in the case of Nokia in the past and BlackBerry just now. Creating a customized app is good for the mobile device company, especially if the app is a “must-have” app such as the BlackBerry Messenger.

Need for Operating system portability

When BlackBerry hit the market, everyone wanted to flaunt a BlackBerry device and the BBM pin was a status symbol. However, as BlackBerry’s fame is slowly fading, in a bid to save it from being wiped out the company is now offering the BBM on other platforms. Some applications such as Whatsapp or Facebook messenger have large fan bases across every platform simply because they are available on every OS’ marketplace. The top three mobile operating system globally right now are- Android, iOS and Windows in that order. If a mobile application development company wants to target the largest number of customers, they have no other option but cross platform mobile application development.

Users’ Convenience

People change their mobile devices frequently. Other than moving from one Smartphone brand to another, they also move from one operating system to another and use multiple devices such as Smartphones and tablets. If they feel an application I indispensable, like Gmail, Facebook Messenger, Chrome, Internet Explorer or Google Maps, they will only opt for devices with an operating system that offer them these applications. Further, many applications offer accounts information portability option which saves them a lot of time in recreating accounts or starting from the beginning.

Mobile application programmers cannot afford to be specialists of a single brand and mobile application development companies cannot hope to cater to clients on single platform basis. In order to create apps for the long haul, cross platform app development is the mantra for survival.

One thought on “The Power of Cross Platform Apps

  1. The main advantage of a multi platform app is that a single app can be used on several different platforms. It saves considerable time and money in developing apps for different platforms. Thanks for sharing an informative article.

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