Nokia Champion brings home the bacon from Windows Phone

In the last month, Nokia has won the race sponsored by Microsoft’s Windows Phone Apps Development. As reported by time TV in the US, this race was a contest that was held with the intention to promote the winning app in a future. Windows Phone manufacturer was pleased to declare Nokia developer Champions as the winner of Windows Phone’s Next App Star competition.

Winner Of The Race

The winner of the competition was Rudy Huyn of Rennes, France and was awarded for the Mobile App Development rumored as Wikipedia app. This mobile app was developed to use the exact phone’s location in searching out the relevant articles. This app was also declared to be supported in more than 100 languages and in many other supportive measures. The supportive measures of this mobile application development were speech recognition, QR codes, NFC sharing and other inclusive services related to Pocket and Instapaper. Rudy was also proclaimed as the Nokia Developer Champion since last May also.

Runner Up Of The Event

The Windows Phone application development company in New York, US has even announced the runner-up of the session who was Eddie Kezel of Roseville, California. And, he was recognized as the second star of the eve because of his awesome ProShot photography app. Eddie is one of the members of DVLUP program as well as of Nokia Premium Developer Program for Lumia that has been designed to improve the productivity of Windows Phone developer.

Forth Coming Competition

Windows Phone Apps Development manufacturer “Microsoft” will be launching The Next App Star competition, next year in the month of January and developers need to submit their application in the 1st quarter of March.  The judgement in this competition was based upon more than 9,100 apps that were submitted from 80 countries. Later on, all of these apps were rated based on their quality. And, the top 64 were awarded with the titles of Lumia 920 smart phones, app merchandising, one year of the Windows Phone Dev Center, etc. After that, the app were nominated publicly and within three weeks, they were voted 6,00,000 times. The rate of voting was really a tie-up, but Rudy’s app won the competition by 155 votes. Moreover, this competition was availed with 21 daily giveaways of free Lumia 920 phones.


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