An Overview Of The Android GPS Based Applications Market

Every tech-savvy knows which Smartphone app stand to be the most fabulous one. Yes, it is definitely true! The Android platform offers a variety of versions along with its functionalities that are usually outshining. With tons of incredible features and unique characteristics, Android stands to be different from others. How-so-ever, Android GPS based applications are built of tiny software programs that can easily run on Android OS powering devices such as Smartphone and tablets.

Compare between latest and ancient trend of app development

The latest trend of Android application development is a GPS-based app development. These apps are really appreciated for its features that can truly manifolding the happiness of users, who own Android mobile devices. These devices are really considered as a boon for navigation and location based search businesses.

With the mesmerizing popularity of Android Market, several developers of Android mobile app development company aim to build useful applications. As per today’s scenario,  developers upgrade the versions of apps to create a stable bond between the user and the app. In the ancient time, it was observed that the GPS was used as a limitation in big-time companies and several other major institutions. But, in a few cases, one can enable the portable gadget to respond to the amazing GPS technology.

Glimpse of the latest market prevailing Android apps

For as long as you make use of the Android OS, your choice of downloading the excellent GPS application seem to be endless.  With the utilization of the GPS-enabled gadget, one can  easily track anything about certain friend, either their location or details. What sort of GPS application should be used in our day-to-day activities? In the competitive market, you would have come across several free applications those are cost effective. Surely, you could search out tons of apps in the Android Market manufactured by Android mobile app development company, but here are  few of the best one listed below:

  1. Google Maps Navigation
  2. Loopt
  3. Glympse
  4. Locale
  5. CoPilot
  6. lederne
  7. Manage your call
  8. Tracer Pro
  9. Floralapp
  10. Good order inventory system

Develop Apps for Microsoft Windows Phone

Microsoft launched the Windows Phone platform in October 2010, with a release in Asia following in early 2011. It is a series of proprietary mobile operating systems and is the successor to its Windows Mobile platform. This software has great potential and in a small span of time it has become one of the most in demand mobile application development platform. Users like it due to its simplicity and for developers, the Windows Phone application development brings a lot of options and opportunities.

Windows Phone OS understands the basic as well as critical requirements of its users. It supports the developers in developing innovative and useful mobile apps for corporate as well as for individual consumers. Its developer company, Microsoft has created this advanced and up-to-date operating system to suit the modern day requirements of users of different verticals. Many analysts anticipate that Microsoft has released and supported this OS for making the best out of the Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 is the new generation of the operating system. It replaced the previously in use Windows CE-based architecture with the Windows NT kernel. It allows applications over other platforms to be easily ported to Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8 is set to rock the Smartphone world by providing the business people and consumers, the all new Metro user interface design. The Windows Phone Application Development teams of many mobile app development companies have already started their work over this platform. Market analysts have witnessed an increasing trend in the demand for Windows Phone application in New JerseyNew York, California, Philadelphia, Canada, India and many more countries and cities of the world. Keeping in view this rising demand, innovative apps for this amazing OS should be designed and developed for capturing the largest market share of the users of Windows Phone.